Thursday, September 15, 2011


In this post i provide you Panda antivirus 2012 with six month licence.this panda antivirus gives higher security from threads that affect your computer . This antivirus have an addittional feature that it will not affect your computer performance like other antivirus softwares done.Panda Antivirus 2012 will work only by consuming less resources.comparing to previous version Panda Antivirus 2012 have high optimized Installation process which help to reduce installation time.

this 6 month or 180 days licence is given as a part of promotion  for their facebook fans.if you try to buy Panda Antivirus of 1 year licence you have to pay $40.99 for one year


  1. protection from all treads
  2. give safe from USB infections
  3. enter password using virtual keyboard by interface
  4. it provide safe to browsers to browse safety sites and links
 For this 6 month licence ,you have to follow below steps and make available this offer.for this

  • Visit Panda Official page
  • click on like button available on top center of the page
  • then wait for minute.if it is not loaded refresh the page                                      
  • now you can see a image like shown on right
  • click on this image and download Panda Antivirus 2012 with 6 month licence
This will give you full version for 6 month.also no key is required for this installation.

if you feel any problem in above steps .try below direct link
Panta Antivirus pro 2012 with six month licence

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In this post i want to share a way to call free to usa,uk,italy,china and alover india absolutely free.
WIMOBILE help you for this facility
for this facility you have to do following steps
  1. visit
  2. sign up in this site
  3. check your email for verification
  4. you will receive other mail with username and password
  5. use this for login using SIP dialer or wimobile application
now download dialer or wimobile application from following link

download WIMOBILE for mobile phones

download for SYMBIAN MOBILES 

we discuss wimobile for phones ,we can also use this facility in pc also ,for this we have to download any SIP client for use in PC and follow the steps.

  1. download link for any SIP client click on following link
 wimobile for pc 

     2. configure with following setting

              server: SIP.WIMOBILE.IT
               user name: as per given in the mail
              password: as per given in the mail
dial a number in international format.
example: for india +91 mobile   

following are free destination
USA(fixed - mobile)

for free SIP softfones list for pc check here 

This offer will valid upto 15th september .so enjoy as much u can

NOTE:you must dial country code first before number.for india it is +91



Kaspersky is one of the polular antivirus that we are using today.Kaspersky gives protection to our give internet protection to our system.Kaspersky antivirus 2012 provide various protection  from malwares,trojans and viruses that affect our systems performance.

The new kaspersky antivirus 2012 provides following additional features ....
  • blocks spyware and adware
  • give protection against viruses ,trojans and worms
  • give protection from keyloggers by blocking it
  • protection from phishing
  • scans Email messages
  • disable or block malware sites
above are some of the advanced features of Kaspersky antivirus 2012.
          for this facilities download the latest Kaspersky and protect your system.

download kaspersky 2012


The kaspersky internet security will provide more security during your online help us to stay away from viruses,trojens,hackers will provide more security during the online transactions such as Banking,Online shopping etc.this also protect us from entering to Susceptible sites.

According to kaspersky trial version period is only 30 days .but following link provide 60 days trial version.
Kaspersky internet full version cost $60 for one pc license .but bellow link help those people who are unable to buy this and also for those who want to test the functionality of Kaspersky 2012 before buying it.

if you go through Kaspersky site for this trial version you will got trial version period of 30 days only. so first try below link for download the new KASPERSKY 2012

whats your opinion about the kaspersky antivirus?Is it good?
in your opinion which is best antivirus?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Do you know about sixth sense by Pranav mistry?.first of all pranav is an INDIAN.he develop this 6th sense technology.this technologies protocol comprises of pocket projector, a mirror and a camera which is pendant like wearable device.projector and camera are connected to a mobile computing device in the user's pocket.projector will use for projecting the visual information enabling surfaces,walls and physical objects  around us as interfaces,where as camera is used for recognize and tracks the gestures of the users,this using computer-vision techniques.The software program process video stream data that was captured by camera and it will track location of the colored markers at the tips of user's fingers.The movements of these fingers are interpreted into gestures that act as interaction instruction for the projected application interfaces.this technique support multi-touch and multi-user interaction.

This technique prototype will be of cost $350 approximately.this will not include computer cost.projectors cost is main part of this.
one of appreciation thing that pranav done is that he is given this as an OPEN SOURCE

until august 11 no software which references project name sixth sense has been released neither under open source licence nor under proprietary one.
for watching video for pranav's explanation click on video

Monday, August 22, 2011


we all are looking for a good earning and a proper website for earning money online.
here there is a way of making money  by reading articles ,its readbud.we have to read the article and rate it.for rating the each article you will be paid.Daily you can earn upto $1-$2.earning depends upon you.if you do it daily you can earn more.
 And also you can refer your friends to this ,by that you can earn more earning.when you reach $50 ,you can withdraw the earning.

The earning will be paid out by paypal.Don’t you have a paypal?You can get it free by visiting
If you are ready to spend some time online ,this is the best way to earn a good income online.Try this and share your experience with the other users as comments..

Mozilla FireFox 6 for Windows ,MAC , Linux and Mobile Download link

Mozilla firefox released new version Mozilla FireFox 6 for windows ,MAc,Linux and Mobile Download Link.This time they reduced the time period of releasing new version.last version release just one month ago.
According to Mozilla the actual period of releasing new version is 6 month after last version.this time they released early as just one month.

   The important change in latest update or the improves in the FireFox 6 comparing FireFox 5 is the improved speed .It also has some other features such as saving the memory , Advanced Panorama group ,Improved address bar.It also have the website speed test especially for webmasters.

     To download Mozilla FireFox 6 click on following links.......

All the above links are for downloading FireFox in English language.For all other languages you can visit the official site

       the next version is already available in beta mode .FireFox 7 is available for download in the beta version.I believe that the version 7 will be officially released within next month.....   

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Posted by rohith

Friends here i am sharing a new trick with you….

With the help of this trick you can hide the folder in mobile without any software…

Steps to be followed

1.First of all create a folder with any name..(Eg:Folder)

2.Now store your files in this folder..

3.Now add the extension .jad with folder name(Eg:Folder.jad)

4.Now create another folder in the same directory with the same name with extension .jar (Eg:Folder.jar)

5.Thats it.Your folder with content will be hidden.

How to unhide the Hide (folder.jad) folder

1.Just delete the second folder ie, Folder.jar.


2. Only thing that you have to view the hidden folder is just rename the folder ending with .jar to some other


Note:Only works with java enable mobile phones.

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